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Religion and Zombies

While I was in Florida over this past weekend the second season of The Walking Dead returned. If you know me then you know I really dig that show. Of course, I also like to filter some of the tougher questions of meaning and morality through pop culture.

That’s why I asked Rob Shep to take a look at something I wrote a few weeks back as I attempted to make sense of some modern day bigotry through the lens of zombie drama, a.k.a., zomdram.

If you’re into the sound of what I’m singing or like to pick the more philosophical side of my brain then please head over to Rob’s site and check out my article on Christians, Racism, and Zombies.

And even though I still think it’s a completely contrived and basically meaningless holiday compared to an anniversary or other personally meaningful day, go ahead and have yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day. Or don’t. I love you either way. Send Skittles.

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Zombie Bloggers

I’ve been in zombie mode for a while now. Not only do I love zombie fiction, but I’ve also been hard at work for months on a zombie nonfiction book.

People always did say my mind was warped.

I could fill a blog for a year with all the stuff I have on the subject. Until now though, I’ve left that side of my brains out of blog world. But it’s time to merge my writing worlds.

To kick off the occasional ZombifiClaytion, I posted myself as a member of the undead the other day and asked for readers to send me their own zombified images.

If you want to see what these folks really look like just click over to their sites which are linked below. Continue reading

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Halloween is upon us again. I’m more a casual observer than eager actor. I’ve never been the guy with great costumes anyway. Also, I have to teach tonight while all the trick or treat peeps do their thang.

So in typical eduClaytion fashion, I’ve gone to the time-tested ritual of stealing ideas from Canada, specifically Leanne the Calgarian.

You’ve probably seen the zombified pics of people for a couple years now. Here’s a couple from yours ghouly.

I will eat you

The original eduClaytion shot zombified

I’d love to see your zombie pics! If you head over to MakeMeZombie and create one let us know in the comments where we can find it. Anyone who wants can email me a zombie pic of yourself at educlaytion[at]gmail. Include one link to a blog or social media account and I’ll add it with your pic! Continue reading

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