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How to Lose Touch With Reality

There’s a lady on the internet named Marianne. She’s really funny. This humor might be the necessary outlook of someone who actually lives in Montana on purpose. Since we always make each other laugh I asked her if she would write a guest post, and she’s come up with a winner. After you read this post by Marianne, check out her site Comedy of Errers & find her on Twitter.


I live in Montana where we are very serious about winter. It lasts most of the year, and it can get to a temperature where you get to know your nose hairs individually. During this time, I turn to the only true solace one can have when you don’t want to leave the house for days on end: television series on DVD and Netflix.

I watch a lot of television in the winter. Some may say too much, but they would be wrong. I’m sure the temporary side effects I incur from three days of continual media exposure are perfectly normal.

Last winter I watched seasons 1-4 of Grey’s Anatomy in about a week. It made the -15 degree weather seem not so bad, until I had to go to the doctor. I found myself wondering who was sleeping with whom in the medical supply closet. I may have looked in one just to be sure. (You’re not supposed to look in those closets, by the way.) Continue reading

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